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If the power of the mind interests you, then Mental Imagery Joins Core Fitness may be just the place to take that interest one step further in investigating the curious mental abilities that we possess. More interestingly, we look at the potential of the human mind to achieve things that we have yet to even imagine.

It makes for a fascinating subject of study, theory and conjecture, with some educated stabs at what might just be possible with the right knowledge and direction.

Mental Power

mental powerFor many decades it has been known and understood that there is far more to the power of the mind than the average man on the street was and still is aware of. As long ago as the early part of the 20th Century, pioneers in mental influence discovered how to use their mental abilities to amass great wealth and power. In many cases, they did not necessarily know that they were making use of a secret power, but they used it nonetheless.

Books were written explaining this phenomenon and one author in particular, Napoleon Hill had the once in a lifetime chance to study a great many of the richest men in the world to discern how they got to where they were when the mass of humanity remained in poverty.

This website examines many of Hill's findings and also those of later authors as well as the insights into the abilities of the human mind. It also looks at incredible knowledge that has been available for millenia for anyone to see, secrets that are not really secrets because they are on full view for anyone to see if only they have eyes focused to see!

You'll discover how inventive, disciplined thinking, discussed at can transform the way in which you live and your ability to create successes out of what might appear to anyone else as "thin air" if they didn't know any better. It looks at different interpretations on some of the oldest teachings known to modem man and creates an "aha" moment when the light finally goes on and the realization hits!

But you'll have to read our original, dedicated articles written exclusively for this website by an author and advanced student of this amazing knowledge, who at least for the present time prefers to remain an enigma.

Additional Reading

There are many alternative resources where additional reading matter can be located on some of the subjects covered in this website. We can recommend paying a visit to where you can learn how to effectively achieve your creative potential. You will certainly benefit from the extensive self development instruction it contains and expand your understanding following the author's instruction on how to create a new you from the inside out.

For those seeking to gain a greater understanding of how imagination and the creative mental factulties work in conjunction with a person's ability to creat new ideas and bring those ideas into reality, take a look at where the laws governing the way in which creative thought starts the process are discussed. It is fascinating to know that every invention and innovation that has enriched our lives started life as nothing more than a thought in someone's head!

There is a wealth of really useful information on the various subjects that cover personal health, growth and happiness and it's available online when you know where to look, in places such as this: It's just a case of taking the time to seek out that which you need to research and then discovering those amazing gems of knowledge that can make a huge difference to your life.

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